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     • Editing

     • Colour Grading with Davinci Resolve

     • Motion Graphics with After Effects

     • DCP (Digital Cinema Package), BLU-RAY and DVD Production

     • 6.5K to Standard Definition

     • 3D Capable

     • Apple Certified

     • Full CAD FreeTV Approval and DUBSAT service

     • International Distribution Services


Jeremy Hill-Brooks’ MergingMEDIA is a business that is continually growing and changing to adapt to the needs of its clients, staying ahead of the game in a volatile and dynamic field. MergingMEDIA clients include high profile local, national and international commercial agencies, artist and filmmakers. The variety of work coming through the door from week to week is amazing – a TV spot here, a music video there, short films and web content, too. There’s always something new, and Jeremy relishes the eclectic nature of the business.


“I’m a bit of a tech junkie, too, so I’m always looking for the next step forward that can deliver an advantage for my clients,” says Jeremy.


One example of this attitude is Merging Media’s embracing of RED technology. Jeremy has embraced RED enthusiastically right from the start. “It caught my attention the moment it was released,” he says. “Any time a format comes along that offers so many advantages and the capability of delivering a really breathtaking look, you just have to dive in and get around whatever little challenges might come as part of the package. You can’t ignore something like RED. In the early days I even got out into the field and did some ‘data wrangling’ to help really immerse myself in it, and nowadays I’m working with RED footage pretty much on a weekly basis. It really does give us the opportunity to give even TV spots with a modest budget a cinematic style and feel, so I’m loving it.”


Another aspect of MergingMEDIA’s continuing evolution in client service has been the recent move of its studios from their previous location on Halifax Street to roomier, more centrally located suites in the heart of the CBD on Rundle Street. “There’s more room, the location is more convenient for our clients, and where we’re situated now we are rubbing shoulders with plenty of enthusiastic, creative people. The place really hums with positive energy.”


Jeremy is always available to discuss projects from modest television builds to feature films.

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